Running, Love making and Juicing; the secret ingredients for staying healthy and young

running on Lanzarote

Running, love making and juicing keeps you healthy, young and happy

What I never expected to do...

My first experience with running was when I was in my twenties, being high on weight and low on energy. I thought of starting to run, so I bought good shoes and started by myself. In total I managed to go running three times. I remember the heaviness I felt in my body and how impossible it seemed to keep on running for 10 minutes. And especially the detail of the extra flesh on my thighs moving in slow motion. So I gave up on that idea.

Then almost 2 years ago I met my beloved, a disciplined marathon runner who enthusiastically shared his passion with me. Yet, that disaster remembrance I could not overcome. I clearly stated, that he should never expect me to run with him.

My wake up call

When we met, I felt very alive, healthy and very content with my body. Very slowly some things shifted and I felt more and more depressed and avoided living healthy. I ignored all the signals that indicated that I needed to start taking better care of myself and my health. In a way I stuck my head in the sand. 

Until the moment that we were asked to choose an outfit for the programme of Sex Tape and I had a specific pair of trousers in mind. That to my horror surprise did not fit any more. Not even one leg fitted in. That was my wake up call. Something needed to happen. My mind was set for starting to live a healthier life style starting off in Lanzarote. Therefore I might as well bring the running shoes my beloved had given me last year for my birthday, and worn once.

Fully energized

,, I feel alive, sexy and light. And I am full of energy and life force. Finally a day does not feel too short any more. And I am getting epic shit done.”

Epic Shit

Two months in Lanzarote living in community, created by Shashi Solluna from with the promise for getting epic shit done. For years I wanted to change my website, created in 2012 and never updated since. And with my beloved I wanted to create a platform on which we could show our offerings. 

It took nearly four weeks before I felt ready to start. For the rough terrain on the island I needed track running shoes and after two weeks daily running with blisters, finally I have a rhytm. Even with a week of juice fasting I am so much energized. I feel how happy my body is with this taking care of what is good for her. I feel alive, sexy and light. And I am full of energy and life force. Finally a day does not feel too short any more. And I am getting epic shit done.

The secret elixer...

Not only 2 websites have been launched, a blog has been created, 3 weeks daily running have been accomplished and 1 week of juice fasting. With still 2 more weeks on this island there is enough to focus on. Continuing with running, creating content, videos and images for the blog / newsletter, release of Sex Tape on 13th of March and launching a program for couples.

And when getting home, we will continue with running, juicing once a month for 3 days and daily love making. For sure this boosts the immune system and will keep you healty, young and happy. So now you now the secret elixer…  

How to do Conscious Running?

Would you like more to know about what Conscious Running is and how to do? Let Danny be your guide.

A week of Juice fasting

Start your day with at least one lliter of water. Make your 1 liter jjuice around noon and drink your jjuice till it is finished or till 7pm. In between drink as much water or herbal tea to fill up any empty feeling in your stomach.

Day 1 & 2: green juices only
Day 3: add apple
Day 4 – 7: all combinations

And before and after juicing you minimize gradually meat, fish, dairy, fruits, etc. 

After juicing you will connect better to what your body likes or dislikes to take in. And avoid the temptation of over eating, just because it is there or because you can do so. 

Happy juicing!

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