In Bed with Danny & Joyce

getting to the naked truth of things

Good quality of intimacy

During my de-armouring sessions with clients ‘intimacy’, or actually the lack of good quality of intimacy, is often a recurring topic. Regardless them being single or in a relationship. It gives me profound and valuable knowledge about this always stimulating topic. A topic which is actually the very foundation of our being, from which life is being created.

Having inspiring conversations about intimacy

Together with my beloved, Danny, we actually don’t talk much about this topic, we experience our intimacy on a daily basis. We do that in a way which nourishes our relationship, and feels like a second nature to us. At the same time we realize that it’s not so natural for everybody. So we got the idea of having inspiring conversations about intimacy on a weekly basis, highlighting another topic every time. These conversations are always with me and Danny, together with another single or couple. And where else then having these conversations in the place where we as humans experience intimacy the most: in the bedroom. Or to be more specific: in our very own bed!

Feeling naked and completely vulnerable...

May we invite you to our sacred intimacy-temple, and be witness to yet another candid, in depth conversation about a topic which most people love to talk about? In this case our bed partner, together with Danny and me, will only talk about their own ideas and feelings, and no one else’s! Just feeling naked and completely vulnerable…

Let's get into bed with Danny & Joyce!

Speaking of naked: our guest(s) can choose freely if they want to get into our bed naked, or dressed in underwear. They can also choose how they want us to get into bed with them. Either way: we will get to the naked truth of things. So let’s get into bed with Danny & Joyce!

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