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SEx Tape

Interesting but sad fact

Of all the couples that applied for this program, about 75% was not quite satisfied with their sex life. So only 25% was. These applicants might not have been representative to the Netherlands on a whole, but it get’s one thinking… To which group do you think we belong?

The Netherlands vs Sex: openminded, but progressive...?

After 6 recorded episodes it became clear, that the Netherlands may be openminded when it comes to sex. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re progressive on this point. We took the opportunity to shine a different light on this delicate matter.

The myth about orgasms

When it comes to sex, the Dutch are not very different from other countries. Focused on our ‘holy goal between the sheets’ we forget what actually really matters: making a deep connection. We dare to ask the other couples: what if you would take away that ‘holy goal’?

Our secret sex layer

During the recordings we got a lot of positive feedback, probably the most beautiful one was from one of the other couples, saying that to them it seemed as if we had discovered some sort of a secret sex layer. Curious what they mean with that? 

We discovered some sort of a secret sex layer.

Curious what they meant with that?