Where vulcanoes died out, but a blog was born

Where vulcanoes died out, but a blog was born.

Making things (not) work

After been stuck in Australia for almost 4 months during the first Corona-wave, it might sound a bit crazy to choose voluntarily for a similar potential drama during the second wave. Okay, Lanzarote is closer to home, and it would be just 2 months. But stil…. ‘Getting epic shit done‘ was for me the part of the invitation that inspired me the most. An invitation to join a conscious, creative community, created by Shashi Solluna from livetantra.com. A community with the main focus on work-related topics. Ah, work….. I got into the financial business in 1997 and had a blast, really. But at some point the work started to feel less and less fulfilling. Sounds familiair? With passion slowly dying out, problems started to arise in several areas.  During this period my relationship was negatively effected by it, sadly having to end it after 12 years. A new relationship brought new energy for sure. But it didn’t gave answers to my work-related questions: what kind of work to do and where to find it? After 5 intense years with highs and lows this relationship had to end too. And to top that off: afterwards I went to live with my father, who just became a widower. And that on the age of 52; way to go, bro!

Ease and flow

3 years later: how things can be different. With a new love came a new world. The world of consciousness and spirituality. Ánd the belief that in this – for me – complete new enviroment, would be the key to make things wórk again. What definitely works from day one, is our relationship. ‘Ease and flow’ are the words my beloved used often the very first, intense days of us being together. And it’s still a good way to describe our current relationship. And with ‘ease and flow’ as a basis, we’re now trying to bring that same feeling into our and my work. There, I said it: ,,my work”. Yep, Danny boy finally dares to say he’s found his new work purpose. Inspiring others – singles and couples – to find true intimacy in themselves and with each other, thát’s gonna be my new life mission. Not to say that it always has to be easy and flowing…. Some challenges every now and then keeps a relationship fresh and vibrant. And isn’t that what we all want?

New work purpose

,,Danny boy finally dares to say he’s found his new work purpose. Inspiring others – singles and couples – to find true intimacy in themselves and with each other.”

Epic Shit

Talking about flowing: like the lava that used to flow out of Lanzarote’s many vulcanoes, the creativity and energy flows out of our lovely community here. Sure, not everthing that’s been shared or offered is of epic proportions. But to me that doesn’t need to be. A smile here, a hug there. It all comes down to realising that we’re not only creating epic shit; we áre the epic shit. And that it can lie in simple things as well. During one of our ‘business talks’ an e-commerce specialist advised to start writing blogs. Like we say in Dutch: het kwartje viel voor me, i.e. all of a sudden it became clear to me. I’ve álways been creative with words, spoken ánd written. So why not put it to use? It might not be thát much epic shit, but for sure it’s gonna be mý epic shit!

From 1 to 125

In my future blogs I will take you on my personal journey in my ‘new’ world. And for those who know me well enough: I’ll keep on asking questions. Even if they seem to be inappropriate at some time. Or even a bit mocking my new habitat, which gives me great pleasure every now and then. And I promise you: I won’t spare myself and my relationship either. I already feel the penetrating look of my beloved, Joyce, when she reads this… But conscious as I try to make all my actions nowadays, I fully trust in the fact that our passion will survive even the most stupid remarks about the ‘alternative’ world we live in.

Back in the days here on Lanzarote, about 125 volcanoes died out, one after the other. Let’s see if I can give birth to 125 blogs, starting with this one….
You can find them on our website ‘IntimacyInspirators.com’

The birth of our website 'Intimacy Inspirators.com

All my blogs can be found on our website: ‘www.intimacyinspirators.com

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