Consensual initiation retreat

The Art and Dance of Pleasure, Embodiment, and Play

During the Weekend

ConSensual: ‘The Art and Dance of Pleasure, Embodiment and Play’

Weekend retreat: 17 – 19 March 2022
& Tantric Erotic Temple Club Night 17th of February and 19th of March!

Join us into a beautiful space of care, liberation, and healing where Consciousness and Sensuality are celebrated in their full potential.

Delve deep into the art and dance of your pleasure and play! Allow your light & dark sides to erupt in pleasure and heal what blocks the flow to conscious ownership of all your desires! Come to embody all that flows through you, learning to cherish your temple in the possibility of an expansion fully rooted in your body and there to stay!

And the best yet: all retreat participants have the Erotic Temple Club Night for free! This party will be public (for tantrics).

For Whom?…

This weekend is intended for anyone, who wishes to dive deeper into the exploration of their authentic sexual energy, heal from trauma that makes you numb, and balance out your dominance and surrender to life!

What To Explore...

We will explore the feeling behind submission and domination (and how they liberate your life), explore floggers, impact play, and bondage. We will practice the art of total presence, how to let pleasure energy run in our bodies, as well as allowing you to heal and own your pleasure through energetically acting on fantasies.

Open up the treasure box of your desires, learn how to express your wish and consent, and let yourself re-emerge on the other side of your body as a temple.

Group Support

In an atmoshpere of trust and community we support each other to flower and to dive deep into our hidden desires.

What to Experience & Learn

We will be providing professional guidance in a Tantric consecrated context that will allow you to fully tap into the erotic mystery of “flight energy” and experience pleasure, joy, and heart expansion through playing.

This is a workshop for practical learning and exploration, experiencing, and integrating, with loving support and care for healing processes to happen. You will need to have experience in tantra, self-development, and feel a connection to exploring Tantric BDSI.


What better way to tell you what to expect than with the words of the participants in our last retreats:

“I did not know what to expect because I booked this event very impulsively. But my experience was mind blowing. This adventure enriched my life on so many levels. I did not experience this amount of love since a very long time. I am very grateful of being able to have participated in this event.”

“Thank you for this healing weekend. I found parts of me back. Parts I resented but now love. I feel more complete. And I even think I healed a part of my body.”

“I had an amazing weekend filled with deep connection and fun. I felt safe yet also challenged to stretch myself out of my comfort zone, in a light and loving way. This weekend filled my love tank again and recentered me towards my essence. I feel more space, expanded and lighter in my body.”

‘This was a new experience for me and I learned that it is so good to feel free in the tantra space in combination with the BDSI. Because of the space holding it was possible for me to open my heart and shine like a diamond. It gave me confidence. I will take this with me in my life. I am thankful for this!!!’

Being at the ConSensual retreat for the second time brought me a deep landing into my body and left me feeling very present, full and rich. I felt free, sexy, playful, seen and accepted. I have healed, discovered, experimented and filled my cup.
The space that Joyce and Jonathan create is fun, safe, deep, intense, inclusive, empowering, kind, authentic, juicy and full of life.’

*** Register / more information:

If you would like to register click directly below or for more information, send an email to:

*** English spoken event

*** Participation & Accommodation:

Participation: €350, excl. food €55 (all meals) & accommodation €60 (2 nights)

Food & Accommodation is extra, we provide all meals and double rooms at the venue itself (you will share a room with maximum one person, a simple and very basic solution for easy sleeping after playing. Please bring your own bedding).

*** Location & Venue:

A very special & unique location in The Netherlands.

*** Delivered by:

Jonathan Beger – lead facilitator
& Joyce Bosch – facilitator assistant

*** Schedule:

Weekend will start on Thursday at 10am and finish on Saturday at around 3 pm.

Other days will start at 7:30am with a morning program and finish around 11pm.

*** When: 17 / 18 / 19 March 2022



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